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13. Jul 09

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Children Without Dreams

Nothing to eat they are very hungry Nowhere to sleep their bed is the street Nothing to drink their little throats are parched No shoes on their feet they walk around barefoot No place to go t...

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Child Anger Management

Child Anger management

12. Jul 09

laser hair remvoal cost

learn about the typical cost of laser hair removal

Medifast Opening New Weight Loss Centers

In an economic climate where the common business news is bankruptcy and closings, one business is doing well enough to expand ... notably been managed online or via phone. The company ships its meal...

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P90X PowerStands Push Up Bars

Discover related products from across the web and reviews from people just like you

NYLON Summer Music Tour Roundup

The second-ever NYLON Summer Music Tour stopped at Washington’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel on the evening of June 24. The Hotel – incidentally not a real working hotel – is a teensy weensy clu...

Get A Beautiful Figure Without Exercising!!!!!

Of course exercising is the best way to keep your body looking beautiful and fit, but exercising isn’t the only way to get a great figure ... shapers are the best thing out there to make your body ...

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Turbo Jam Maximum

What is this girlie workout doing on SUPER-FIT.COM! Yea, I know what yer thinking...."Sellout!"

If You’ve Got Body Fat Lose It Fast

by Kelly Lord Look around you the next time you are out in public and just take in how many people are overweight and many are downright obese, some of them morbidly so. No wonder the weight loss gu...


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